Vedische Astrologie

Vedische Astrologie
6 november 2018 hele dag
studio Omkara
Carmelitessenstraat 4
5652 EW Eindhoven

Pandit Arjun Chakraborty is offering: Starting with a free lecture on Monday 5th November, to learn more about Vedich Astrology and how it can help us materially and spiritually. These lectures are normally of 90 minutes.

Pandit Arjun will be in the Netherlands from 5-11 November 2018 and offers his services at studio Omkara in Eindhoven. If you are interested at his services at your studio/school, please contact us at
On personal bases pandit Arjun is offering:

  • Personal consultations which consists of answers and predictions on professional, personal, health and spiritual aspects of life. Also he suggests many kinds of remedial or solution measures mentioned in Vedic Astrology to balance the planets in a better way.  The consultations are of 1 hour and in that one can ask about 2 or 3 people also.
  • Courses – there are 3 courses on Vedic Astrology (for those who wish to learn the subject and become full time or part time astrologers) Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.
    Each course is of 32 hours and that we normally finish in one week (for example whole day on weekends and evening on working days). With certifications be given by Government Registered institute in India. To offer a course we need at least 4 to 5 people.

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