Welcome at Mohini ‘Indian Dance & Yoga”!
Working together with the Indian communities, we hope you have enjoyed Indian day!

To continue with the Indian spirit, we offer dance classes in Eindhoven, starting 10 January 2024 with new groups.
Please schedule already:
Wednesday 10 January – 20.30 Bharata Natyam for adults
Thursday 11 January – 20.30 Yoga
Saturday 13 January – 9.00 Yoga + pranayama (breathing excercises)
and 10.30 Bollywood (adults)
and 11.30  Indian dance (Bharata Natyam/Bollywood)  kids *

The classes will be in Englisch and Dutch

Please email info@mohini.nl if you want more information,  to start in December, private classes or with 2 persons and for workshops and performances!

* New groups will start with minimum of students
* The website will be updated, so you can book your new classes on the site too!


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